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8 types you’ll meet at the dog park

8 types you’ll meet at the dog park

If you and your dog frequent ‘the happiest place on earth’ – AKA, the dog park, then you’ll already be familiar with the likes of Poo Bandit Paul (who NEVER picks up after his dog). Sigh. Every dog park has a Paul, right?

Here are eight other ‘types’ you might also recognise. Which one are you?!

1) Nervous Ned

Oh poor Ned! He’s new to the dog park with an adorable puppy who just wants to play. The second another dog comes up to have a rumble and a friendly butt sniff though, he picks up his ‘baby’. He’s anxious and new to all of this. So you gently reassure him that this is how dogs play.

Then you freeze, because Cate is approaching …

2) Chatty Cate

You like Cate, everyone does, but oh my word she can TALK. You only have 20 minutes left on your lunch break and so you introduce her to Ned. You are about to make a quick escape, when your dog makes a bee line for Trent.

Nooo … not Trent, you think.

3) Treats for all Trent!

Trent is so much harder to get away from than Cate. This is because he carries a little bag of dog treats – handing them out to ALL the dogs like it’s Halloween. Trent isn’t aware that some dogs have allergies.  You’re not going anywhere until all the panting fans surrounding Trent have devoured that bag.

One of these is a beautiful Lassie dog, who doesn’t have an owner standing by. But then you remember this is Fiona’s dog.

4) Free range Fiona

The Lassie has a flowing mane and a gorgeous nature. You regularly pat her and then look for her owner, who is nowhere to be found. You suspect Fiona is a ‘free range’ dog mum and might illegally drop her at the dog park for a few hours and then … leave. But has she dashed to the shops to run errands? Or perhaps she’s nearby but sitting in her car?

Thankfully, you and Bree are keeping an eye on Lassie for her.

5) Buddy Bree

Bree is like a breath of fresh air when you run into her at the dog park. The two of you so enjoy talking while your dogs chase each other with joy. You guys could be friends in any other setting. Maybe a doggy play date/dog mum date is on the cards?

And maybe you should invite Jana?

6) Joyful Jana

Jana is one of these people who you can’t help but feel joy around. She’s always happy, complimentary about your “gorgeous” dog and the “beautiful day” – even if it’s just a pretty average one as far as the weather goes – she is good energy and you walk away feeling uplifted after seeing her.

Until you spot advice Anne, that is …

7) Advice Anne

Advice Anne has a solution for all your dog’s ‘problems’ – even if you haven’t asked her for one. She will tell you how to stop your dog from barking, where to buy the best quality dried food (and don’t EVER give your dog anything but, she says) and why you should have your dog in a harness and not just a collar. You try to steer clear of her if possible, but not like you do with Clearance Chris.

EVERYONE avoids him and his dog.

8) Clearance Chris

Chris is a nice enough guy but his dog is huge and erratic. In fact she’s been known to suddenly turn on a playmate like a toxic school friend, snarling and snapping. Chris doesn’t see there’s a problem with his mean dog and so when he turns up the park, it tends to clear out. He does and so you leave, too.

As you walk quickly to the car you spot Paul pretending he hasn’t seen his dog in the squat, tail up position.

PICK UP AFTER YOUR DAMN DOG, Paul, you poo bandit.

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