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All the reasons I have dog-mum guilt today

All the reasons I have dog-mum guilt today

There is a specific type of guilt, felt only by those besotted with big brown eyes and waggy tails. You’ll know it well if that tail you love so much becomes sad and limp, whenever you reverse out of the driveway …

I’m talking about dog-mum/dad guilt. And it bites!

Here are all the reasons I’m feeling pangs of this today.

1) I didn’t take him to Bunnings

Seeing all the happy dogs sitting up in fake-grass-lined trolleys as I whizzed around Bunnings was like seeing my dog run into his best mate on a walk. He would have LOVED this.

Then I came home with sausage sizzle on my breath …

2) I scrolled Instagram

I was tired. The couch was comfy. Friends’ and also celebrity Instagram feeds were calling …

But so was the dog park. He kept nudging my hand from my phone with his nose. Ahhhhh, the guilt!

3) I gave him a bath

I made it nice and warm. I put treats on the side. I made sure the shampoo didn’t get in his eyes. I even put the heater on in the bathroom …

But he still lifted his legs like the water was lava when I put him in.

4) I went to the toilet

Privacy is overrated, according to my velcro dog. But I needed the loo and really, there are just some aspects of my life that I don’t want to share with him. I shut the door.

He scratched on it the whole time …

5) I said ‘car’

He bounded to the driveway as if there was a dog bone truck with music playing, coming down the street (imagine!). He jumped in the backseat with glee and we drove.

Then he got a needle and a thermometer stuck up his butt, because we went to the vet.

6) I got his lead

He heard it jingle, he bolted to my feet and sat like a ‘good boi’ for me to clip it on. We were just about to leave.

And then my mother-in-law called. She can talk.

7) I cooked spag bol for dinner

Mince meat, pasta and veg, it’s a dog’s culinary dream, but my little love needs to lose weight right now, so says the vet. So I filled his bowl with science diet kibble.

OMG, his ‘please face’!

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