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How to earn money from dog sitting

How to earn money from dog sitting

It sounds too good to be true: Look after a dog, relish in all the ‘pay me attention’ head nuzzling love AND get paid for it? Yes, it is possible! Plenty of people are making money from pet sitting these days, and there are even those who are making a full time living out of it.

So how are they doing this and what’s involved? Let’s take a look.

Why dog sit?

There are lots of reasons why dog lovers want to spend more time with dogs and become paid sitters. For example:

  • Dogs (need we say more? Insert love heart emoji).
  • Dog sitting is a super enjoyable and easy way to earn extra money. It’s doing what you love while also getting paid for it!
  • The cost of living is getting harder on everyone and it’s a way to bring in some extra income.
  • You can be your own boss and take on the waggy-tail ‘clients’ that suit you, your family, dog and home.
  • It’s flexible. You can dog sit on your terms and when it suits you – around your other job, on the weekends, during your holidays, occasionally or regularly.
  • There are so many different ways to do it – you can visit a dog in their home, take care of dogs in your home, walk dogs or mind them when their owner goes away. It can be for an hour, a day, a week or months. It’s up to you.

What makes a good dog sitter?

If you adore dogs, have had experience looking after your own and some free time to dedicate to looking after another doggo, then chances are you will make a great dog sitter.

Not everyone can just ‘become a dog sitter’, though. A deep love for wet-noses is a must, as is an understanding of the big responsibility that comes with looking after someone else’s ‘best friend’. This is one reason we only let dog sitters who are over 18 add a listing with us. A good dog sitter is all about the dogs and will ensure the environment and care is loving, safe and secure.

We also highly recommend you have a meet and greet with any dog and their owner before taking on dog sitting. This is why we have a ‘send message’ to the sitter messaging system on our directory. Both parties need to feel happy, as do the dogs, with the dog-sitting arrangement and environment. This is also an opportunity for you to understand each dog’s quirks, needs and their owner’s expectations of what you will give to their dog – for example, a walk, meals, sleeping requirements and more.

You also may like to look into insurance as a dog sitter as it may be a requirement of a dog owner, and it’s reassuring to know you are covered, too.

If you think you have what it takes to become a dog sitter with North Shore and Beaches Dogs, here are the next (easy!) steps:

How to become a LOCAL dog sitter

When you add a dog sitting listing in our North Shore and Beaches Dog Directory, you are reaching out to our community of local dog owners who can look at your listing and decide for themselves if you are someone they’d like to contact and engage with.

In your listing you can tell owners a bit about you, your home, family, dogs you might own, what you can offer, if you are insured, when you are available, and you might like to add how much you charge for different services such as doggie day care, overnight stays in your home or the dog’s, dog walking and more.  You can also add your dog business link to you listing.

It’s up to you! And this is exactly why making money from dog sitting is so great.

How do I add a listing?

It’s so simple! Just two steps:

  1. Sign in:  Simply click on the Sign In button at the top of this page, choose ‘Listing Owner’ and then enter your name, email, and password.
  2. Add listing: Log in and fill in your listing, entering the required fields. If you need help to nail your listing, read this

Get even more dog sitting!

If you are not already in our Facebook group then please join and you will see how we help each other out with doggie care.

The local group has over 4K members and is where owners reach out to dog sitters, posting ads of when they need care for their doggos. If you have a dog-sitting listing with us on the website, then you can add the URL in comments to get even more dog-sitting gigs. This is an easy way for owners to see if you would be a pawfect match for them.

Want to know more?

Check our our FAQs to answer any questions you might have, or email

Earning money from dog sitting is not only possible, it’s a lovely way to pay the bills. Why not give it a go? WOOF!

Add a dog sitting listing today!

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