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Hello, my name is Grant and here are some details about me that may be useful to you.

I was a rescue dog foster parent for a good while, caring for all sorts of troubled dogs; mostly large dogs with re-socialisation problems who just needed love and security to find their feet again. But a couple of boisterous chihuahuas found their way to me too lol.
I’m a 69 year old retired composer and lyricist who has been living in Europe for the last few years, it was my home. Now back in Sydney, from whence I came, I’m offering my time and services as your house and pet sitter.

I love animals and have a lot of experience with cats, birds and I would even contend that I’m a dog whisperer; we just understand each other. I enjoy looking after a garden, roses and dahlias being my specialty.

I realise that privacy and security need to be foremost when trusting someone with looking after your home and these, plus the necessary respect for property and possessions are important to me.

I’m a quiet, dependable non smoker and can provide a good reference, if required.

I’m new to this website but I gathered some experience in the beginning house and pet sitting for friends and new acquaintances. It was via word of mouth and recommendation up until recently when I became active on Australian House Sitting website which means I’m usually well booked all over Sydney but also have time for occasional short sits. Just hit me up.

I look forward to meeting you!


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