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Toxic dog foods: 6 Easter treats which are dangerous to dogs

Toxic dog foods: 6 Easter treats which are dangerous to dogs

Before she knew better, the Easter Bunny once scattered chocolate eggs in the garden for our kids to find. As they ran into the yard, baskets swinging with glee, our little dog bounded after them.

Of course he soon found an egg, too. Then another. Before he sniffed out the next one, though, my husband grabbed his collar.

“Are dogs allowed to eat chocolate?” he asked me.

“Um, I’m not sure,” I replied as I quickly googled this. Then I gasped as the words “DEADLY” and “TOXIC” appeared on my screen.

We ended up at the emergency vet after that and paid for our ignorance in the way of a hefty public holiday rate, but not has harshly as others do … our little guy simply needed to be monitored. He hadn’t consumed enough chocolate to be in grave danger, thank goodness.

It was a scary ‘live and learn’ moment for me as a dog mum, though, and one I still feel guilty about. These days I am on top of the human foods which can cause him harm and at Easter, it turns out this is a lot.

Here are the most common human treats that are harmful to dogs at this time of year:

6 Easter foods that are toxic for dogs

1. Chocolate

Keep those eggs up high and remind the kids not to eat them in front of their fur sibling, who could clean up broken bits that fall to the floor. Chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine, which is poisonous to dogs (also cats). If your dog does get her paws on a chocolate egg or bunny, call your vet immediately.

Symptoms of an unwell dog who has eaten chocolate can include: Vomiting, diarrhoea, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures (or fits), heart problems and in severe cases, even death.

The pretty shiny foil wraps when ingested can also pose a problem. While most dogs will likely pass this, some can get an intestinal obstruction.

2. Hot cross buns

An Easter time indulgence, Hot Cross Buns are best consumed way out of your sniffy dog’s reach! They contain raisins, sultanas and currants which are all toxic to dogs and certain other pets. If consumed, some dogs can develop kidney failure, which can be life threatening.

3. Hard candy eggs

Sweets, such as hard boiled lollies and candy ‘easter eggs’, may contain something called xylitol – especially if they are sugar-free. This is a synthetic sweetener which is toxic to cats and dogs.

4. Roast Easter dinner

Having the family over for a roast over Easter weekend is a lovely idea, but just be wary of the stuffing dropping on the floor. It usually contains onion and garlic and a gravy which is laden in salt and fat, all of which can cause your doggo to get an upset tummy, or worse. Onions, garlic, shallots, chives and leeks, which are all part of the Allium family, are toxic to dogs. Also, remind guests not to give your dog the juicy bone to gnaw on. While not poisonous, cooked bones can split when your dog is eating them. This can cause bone fragments to get lodged in your dog’s throat which can cause choking or damage to the intestines.

5. Blue cheeses

Having a glass of vino and indulging in some blue cheese on crackers with friends is a lovely way to  enjoy the Easter long weekend. Just be sure your doggo doesn’t accidentally enjoy some, too. This is because dogs can be allergic to roquefortine C, which is found in some blue cheeses. Be careful too if your cheese platter has grapes, as these are also toxic to dogs,

6. Easter cake 

Simmel Cake is a traditional Easter cake that is packed with dried fruit and spices and topped with sweet marzipan. These ingredients can be hard for them to digest. You may find your pooch is unwell with a tummy ache if he consumes any dropped on the floor.

And one more …

Although not technically a ‘food’, dogs who chew on the synthetic ‘grass’ which lines Easter hampers can find themselves at the vet. It can clog up the intestines as it’s non-digestible, which can result in surgery.

Take note, Easter Bunny

Thankfully the Easter Bunny no longer hides chocolate eggs in our garden, but she’s also aware of these other no-no foods which are dangerous to our dog at this time of year.

Happy Easter everyone and WOOF!

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